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Talent is key to thriving cities

The Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index has released the results of its annual survey ranking the happiness and well-being of our country's 50 states. Hawaii is the nation's most "thriving" state, following by Utah, South Dakota, Maryland, Texas, and New Hampshire. 

But what does it mean to thrive? How to measure something as abstract as happiness? The Wellbeing Index ranks optimism about the future and where people feel they stand in relation to the best life they could possibly have.

And in an analysis for Atlantic Cities, Richard Florida uses existing demographic data to make some interesting correlations: specifically, that college graduation rates have something to do with whether states thrive.

Read the full story here.

Unemployment numbers drop for college graduates

Good news for college degree holders, and a wake-up call for everyone else: Americans with a college degree are more than twice as likely to be employed than Americans with just a high school diploma.

Adult enrollment may increase by twice as much as high school grads

Adult college enrollment (ages 25 - 64) is set to increase by twice as much as college enrollment among recent high school graduates between 2009 and 2019.

A new guide for undocumented students

A resource guide for high school students who are also undocumented immigrants provides a breakdown of policies in 14 states that will allow an in-state tuition break if certain requirements are fulfilled.

Where are the college graduates?

You might have read the recent story in the New York Times about how college graduates are clustering in certain metropolitan areas (like New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.) while leaving others (like Dayon, OH) behind. But did you read the thoughtful response from The Brookings Institute?

Why we shouldn't cut higher ed

In an op-ed for Governing, Mark Funkhouser makes the case for keeping state higher education budgets intact. 

Mayor's challenge seeks five bold ideas for cities

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- billionaire, philanthropist, and perhaps the nation's most prominent big-city mayor -- has issued the Mayor's Challenge, a competition among 1,300 U.S. cities to find the five boldest ideas with the greatest potential for impact. 

Video: Lee Fisher, Mayor of Houston discuss talent

Mayor of Houston Annise Parker spoke casually about the Talent Dividend, the future of cities, and the fate of our country with Lee Fisher, President and CEO of CEOs for Cities.

Landmark legislation could improve transparency for college transfers

Landmark legislation has been introduced in the House that would make it easier, more transparent, and less expensive for students to transfer between institutions and complete their degrees.

Webinar: Introducing the Talent Dividend Network!

On Wednesday, July 25, we'll introduce you to the Talent Dividend Network, a new national e-magazine and engagement platform.
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