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Ohio programs retain young, entrepreneurial talent

Retaining college graduates is part of the Talent Dividend equation, and lots of cities across the Talent Dividend are trying to tackle it. 

In Ohio, a number of programs are connecting entrepreneurial talent to opportunities, ensuring that they stay in the state to live and work. Reports hiVelocity:

Suprasanna Mishra and Steve Gacka might still be in college, but their entrepreneurial careers are well underway with jaw-dropping results. And it's all happening inside Ohio's borders courtesy of a welcoming business community and an array of in-state resources that cater to their professional and personal needs.
Mishra and fellow OSU undergrad Dustin Studer founded CapStory, a new social networking platform that puts privacy first, allowing users to create unique groups called "capsules" they access with any cell phone with text capacity. A capsule can share content, but keep it just between members.
"Ask anyone that's around my age," says Mishra, "and they will tell you they're getting sick of Facebook, simply because the privacy isn't there."
They pitched the idea to CincyTech, which funded CapStory to the tune of $100,000 last year. The boon was no fluke, but a deliberate daisy chain that goes all the way back to Mishra's high school days when he interned for Metro Innovation, which has ties to Cincinnati Innovates. Mishra followed that yellow brick road and ended up with winning $10,000 to develop StageShark, a concert connection platform.

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