Dayton, OH

The Dayton metropolitan region -- which includes Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble counties -- and its 840,000 residents could enjoy a big economic boost by increasing its college completion rate by 1% point. With the participation of local colleges and universities, the Southwest Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) is leading the effort with a program called Learn to Earn Dayton, which takes a long view on how to build a creative economy in the area. The program's cradle-to-career initiative seeks to increase college graduation rates by focusing on student achievement through all of the phases of a young person's education, starting before kindergarten and leading all the way through college.

Dayton, OH Features

Collective impact: Cooperation within and between cities

How cities competing for the Talent Dividend Prize are sharing data, pooling resources, and supporting one another, even amid competition.

Talking seamless transitions

Who uses dual enrollment programs? Why or why not? Do they work? How do we make them more equitable? An excerpt from our conversation with Tom Lasley of Learn to Earn Dayton. 
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