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Change by degrees

Building bridges between educational institutions, businesses, city government, and community organizations is key for cities that want more college grads. Lessons from a city that does it well.

The value of higher education

The value of a college degree has come into question in American discourse. Is it worth the skyrocketing tuition? Aren't you better off pulling a Bill Gates and dropping out to pursue your dreams? A look at the data shows what a college degree is really worth to individual prosperity and our country's economy.

Q&A: Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor of SUNY

Nancy Zimpher believes in cities. And as Chancellor of the State University of New York, she believes in the radical impact a seamless education pipeline can have on a city's economic health and quality of life.

Metrics FAQ with Joe Cortright

The Talent Dividend Prize will go to the city with the greatest increase in college degrees awarded over a four-year period. How is that increase measured? What's my MSA? Do online degrees count? Joe Cortright answers some questions about metrics.

The audacity of the Talent Dividend

A conversation with Kresge Foundation program directors on the value of working with communities, and why small changes have the potential to make big impact toward college completion. 

Welcome to the Talent Dividend Network!

Introducing Talent Dividend Network, the national web magazine and engagement platform for the Talent Dividend Initiative. 

The Civic Commons: Your network for conversation about the Talent Dividend

The Civic Commons is your network for smart conversation with leaders and thinkers, workers and tinkerers in Talent Dividend efforts across the country. Log in, look around, and get engaged.
37 Articles | Page: | Show All
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