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Project Win-Win boosts degree completion

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A national program has helped working adults with some college but no degree get back to school and complete associates and bachelor's degrees. Project Win-Win, backed by the Lumina Foundation and implemented with oversight from the Institute for Higher Education Policy, tracked students who were close to completion or in some cases had qualified for a degree without knowing it.

At central Missouri's Columbia College, the hunt for students on the verge of graduating worked so well that the school plans to broaden its efforts to find bachelor's degree candidates who are just one class shy of donning the cap and gown. The private liberal arts college has already awarded nearly 300 retroactive degrees, including one given posthumously to the mother of a deceased former student. Another two dozen students returned to campus to finish up after hearing from the school.
"If this was being done nationwide, it could make a difference," said Tery Donelson, Columbia College's assistant vice president for enrollment management.
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