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High school educators think students are more prepared than they are

High school teachers are far more likely to consider their students college-ready than the educators who greet those students in college, according to the ACT National Curriculum Survey for 2012.

Eighty-nine percent of high school educators reported that their students were "well" or "very well" prepared for college-level work in 2012, compared to just 26 percent of college educators. 

Reports The Washington Post:

Especially at the high school level, where there are differing degrees of familiarity with the improved standards, state and local efforts to implement the standards have not yet achieved their goals. This suggests that not enough teachers are yet ready for the necessary changes in curriculum that are likely to accompany the switch into a classroom environment driven by college- and career-ready standards.
Nevertheless, K–12 teachers tend to be generally optimistic about the value and potential effectiveness of college- and career-ready standards. This suggests that most of these teachers support the effort to improve standards and will work to help make it a success in the classroom. 
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