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Op-ed: Communities must come together to boost college degrees

In an op-ed for the Louisville Courier-Journal, Mary Gwen Wheeler, Executive Director of 55,000 Degrees, asks the entire community of Louisville -- citizens, businesses, civic groups and everyone else -- to pitch in and help the effort to boost college attainment. 

Wheeler writes: 

"Few college graduates can say they earned their degree without the help and support of others. Perhaps it is a third-grade teacher who sets high expectations and inspires a love of learning. Maybe it's a grandparent who starts a college savings account or a mentor who tutors at an after-school program. It might be an employer who encourages workers to go back to school part-time to finish their degree or a retired volunteer who helps young people fill out financial-aid forms for college.
And it could be you."

You may be inspired to find ways to say "Count me in!" in your own community. Read more here.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal 
Writer: Amy Elliott Bragg

1 Louisville, KY Articles | Page:
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