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Helping students get to school -- financially, academically and physically

What to do in a community where getting students to college is not only an academic, cultural, and social challenge, but a physical challenge, too. 

Knock, knock: Higher education is here to see you

Human resources directors in Wichita have been receiving some friendly visitors this summer: Ambassadors from local higher education institutions.

Making internships easier for every employer

For many employers, bringing on interns seems like a great idea, until someone asks the inevitable questions: What will an intern get out of this internship? Do we have enough for an intern to do? Who's going to manage our internship program? What kind of paperwork do we have to do? But Baton Rouge is one step ahead. 

A signed promise for college success

Talent Dividend efforts in Cleveland are built on two cornerstones: data, and a declaration. 

Engaging employers in adult degree completion

"Working adults are kind of the missing piece" of college attainment efforts, says Susan Kannel, Associate Vice President of CAEL. "Once they're in the workplace, they kind of get lost." Denver's Talent Dividend efforts, led by CAEL's Denver offices, are trying to change that.

Letting people do what they do best

"I know it sounds silly to say that subcommittees are what's working for talent in Houston," says Ann Shaw, Director of External Affairs for Center for Houston's Future, which is leading the charge toward the Talent Dividend Prize. "But they've really been crucial."

Graduate Memphis helps people get back into college

On July 2, Memphis Talent Dividend celebrated the grand opening of Graduate Memphis, a staffed college resource center for adults, at the main branch of the Memphis Public Library.

Talent as a focal point for economic growth

Milwaukee's Talent Dividend Initiative is being recognized as "not just a thought leader, but a convener" -- a force for bringing together over 150 groups from businesses, state and local government, higher education, and economic development into a "network of networks" for powering growth in the region. 

A focus on increasing college graduates -- and keeping them here

Detroit is taking a three-"bucket" approach to solving the talent puzzle in Michigan: access to college, student success in college, and retaining those graduates once they've earned their degrees.
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